Introducing the Essentials of Produce Safety

FreshEd Academy offers an affordable online certificate program from the Produce Marketing Association, that teaches you how to better manage produce safety risks.
$500 USD
Course Length: 8 Hours

Entirely Online, Easily Accessible

Cost: $500 USD

The Essentials of Produce Safety is delivered entirely online, in a device responsive learning management system that enables learners to complete the course on any device — desktop, tablet or mobile. The course consists of seven learning modules, a review module, and a certificate exam. It’s an affordable and accessible option for businesses of all sizes. Click below to test drive a sample demonstration of the course.

Why Essentials of Produce Safety?

Reduce Your Risk via Proven Best Practices

Grow Your Teams Confidence With Industry Leading Expertise

Produce Marketing Association (PMA) partnered with Alchemy, the world’s leader in food safety training, to create a turnkey certificate program for the produce industry. The Essentials of Produce Safety is the first online course designed to help you manage produce safety risks within your operation while providing you with the latest best practices.

Designed for Individuals & Teams

Available to individual learners and employee groups, the course is an in-depth exploration of the key issues and best practices in produce safety. Learners and their organizations benefit from:

  • Enhanced produce safety proficiency

  • Improved communication across the organization and supply chain

  • Immediate application of learnings to the work environment

Who Should Register?

Essentials of Produce Safety benefits employees in the produce industry, especially individuals in charge of creating and implementing safety plans, such as:

  • Employees in FDA-regulated Facilities

  • Product Procurement Directors

  • Quality Assurance Managers

  • Field Supervisors

  • Operations Directors

  • Sanitation Supervisors

  • Produce Safety Managers

  • Field Scouts

  • Produce Safety Personnel

  • Produce Growers

  • Food Service Operators

"This exclusive course picks up where FSMA training leaves off."

Dr. Robert Whitaker

"Your path to becoming a top tier Produce Safety Manager starts here."

Afreen Malik

The course consists of seven learning modules, a review module, and a certificate exam.

Course Length: 8 Hours

Module 1: Starting with the Basics

  • Building a Produce Safety Plan

Module 2: Foundational Programs

  • SOPs, Sanitation, Microbiology Testing, Pest Control Preventive Maintenance, Transportation Control, Communications

Module 3: Structural Programs

  • Introduction to GAPs, GAP Principles, GAPs Roadmap for Hazard Assessment Introduction

Module 4: Hazard Assessment

  • Can You Do a Risk Assessment? Importance of Process Mapping, Farm Assessment Introduction

Module 5: FSMA

  • What It Means to You and Your Company

Module 6: Critical Steps

  • Sanitary Design and Sanitation

Module 7: Microbial Testing

  • The Basics of Microbial Testing, Using the Results of Your Microbial Testing Program

"Learn from the industry's top leaders in Produce Safety."

Max Tepletski, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer, PMA

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